27 June 2017


The cost for the Career Fair varies and depends on the following criteria :

Large companies 700.00$ CAD*
Medium-sized companies 600.00$ CAD*
Small-sized companies 400.00$ CAD*
Startup 120.00$ CAD*

*taxes included

We will proceed by e-transfers. The details will be included within your bill, which will be sent to you once you complete the registration form .

The cost include the following elements :

  • Two (2) representatives**, except for large enterprises where three (3) representatives are included
  • Lunch, beverages and snacks
  • Table, chairs, kiosk with Wifi access
  • A ticket for each representative to the CLÉE Wine & Cheese (on registration)
  • A day parking pass

** If you wish to have more than two representatives, a fee of 50.00 $CAD will be added for each extra representative.